Task Description📄

🔅 Create your own Chat Servers, and establish a network to transfer data using Socket Programing by creating
both Server and Clinet machine as Sender and Receiver both. Do this program using UDP data transfer

🔅 Use multi-threading concept to get and receive data parallelly from both the Server Sides.
Observe the challenges that you face to achieve this using UDP.

Task Video link:


Task 17.1:


Task17.2: https://github.com/AyushChaplot/Chat_server_using_Multithread.git



Happy to share my experience of 2 Days mesmerizing Workshop on MongoDB by Mr. Vimal Daga sir. The content which were covered in the workshop are:

Basic of databases:
🖍️ Traditional SQL Databases Vs NOSQL Databases
🖍️ About MongoDB
🖍️ Collections & Documents in MongoDB
🖍️ MongoDB Compass(GUI for MongoDB)
🖍️ Python and MongoDB Integration
🖍️ Indexing
🖍️ Aggregation Pipeline
🖍️ Sharding and Replica set
🖍️ Cluster and Atlas and many more.

Thanks to Vimal Daga Preeti Chandakd LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd for such mesmerizing workshop.